John Gangrene

I’ve started winking in selfies and I can’t stop


when the fuck did i buy raisin bran

for fucks sake. the time 100 list is of influential people in the world. it doesn't matter if someone is a mass murderer or a homophobe, as long as they're influential across the world they'll be on it. ask someone half away around the world who putin is and they'll know but ask them who laverne cox is?? btw laverne cox is so newly popular so give her a year or so and watch her get on that list


do you think jeffrey dahmer ever made the list? he was pretty influential tbh

im fucking psychotic 

post a facebook status saying, “cleared through my friends on facebook. if you’re still here you mean a lot to me in some way,” but dont delete anyone and watch as they all kiss your ass

there was this kid in my high school and he wore that stupid naruto cloud trenchcoat thing and ran at top speed through the hallways with his arms behind his back, knocking everyone over. he was super annoying and you could hear him breathing from across the room and he told everyone that wolves came to his house at night and took him into the woods to hunt and that we would one day pay our debts to him and he is literally the reason im pro-choice 

things tumblr hates recently:

  • nash grier
  • avril lavigne
  • time’s 100 most influential people
  • john green
  • people that dislike john green
  • metaphors
  • fedoras
  • ?????????

i just hate it when tumblr collectively decides they hate something and they continue to beat the horse until it’s oatmeal, then shove the oatmeal down everyone’s throat



they all die



they all die